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The relaxation Liquid circa 2062

"My grandfather spoke once of his choice,and how
those were hard times"

-approaching the age of 17,college is less social and
more subtle,being at a higher level of learning for 8
The slightly older classmate, known from computer,now
for the first time in person...they have a chance to
relax.She's more than he's ever imagined,face-to-face.

"He said it was an alcoholic energy-drink..and he only
drank it when he was low on credit, he used the word
"cash" according to mom,whatever that is?"

She chuckles at his naive immaturity,and how he went on
mention that the drink was more expensive,and that
puzzled him.

They order their newfound liquid relaxant (the company
that contrived this sweet and cool social smile, had
to give it a label...and they were clever about it,
with the name "H2oh"
completely non-addictive derivative of instantly absorbed
efficient seratonin..that reaches a moderate plateau.
Later, He realizes that the energy-drink alcohol was on the market when automobiles were still running round,She thinks he's very cute.....and it's the beginning of love.With the Fall becoming their
new favorite season,they part ways in the evening, for just a short moment. "We have to do this more often" She smiles and says "Possibly, but let's just make it our night next more bars" He stumbles walking away,smiling to himself, and the breeze is very gentle in the future coziness of winter that they will share together. HB
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
It's just sci-fi romance....pretty neat huh?

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Great write. thumbs up purple heart
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