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Sitting here in the quite moment of today
Not a noise to be heard even as the wind is blowing
Finding within myself the thought of knowing who I am
If I can see past the next moment of silence it soon
Would be another quite moment of tomorrow as yesterday
Just skipped by and another day gone unknown
I forgot I was here and the noise was here and as one
Will often think of no other are we often notice as
No time for noise as today is dark and dreary and yesterday
Has gone with the wind, and hair standing on my arms I never
Known I had until I realize I was heard when my tears fell one
By one to the floor and realized it is okay to be silent
As long as I do not go unknown***********
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Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
It is alright I can be heard in the silence of a night.. Deep thoughts of the unknowen...

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Comments (4)

Nice write Breathless,i enjoyed reading this one....merci wine M.M
No time for noise as today is dark and dreary and yesterday
Has gone with the wind,

Lovely poem Breathless...With some very lovely lines to ponder on.hug purple heart
poetnumber1 & Odette67
Thanks i am glad you liked my write silence of yesterday :)
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