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Put on a Happy Face

Look at this face
You can't help but smile
Even if your in a bad place

It can light up your life
In so many ways
A very positive start

That Happy face is saying
“That warm feeling in your heart
Is the love of mother earth”

The simple things in life
Are the ones to cherish
They keep us sane or we will perish
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
About a Sunflower in my Backyard

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Comments (2)

I had two sunflowers last year, I got the seed from a friend who was really into gardening last year. They only grew up to about two feet tall as I planted them in a flower box on my porch which faces away from the sun. His grew up to be about nine feet tall.daisy daisy jackolantern
That's nice you had a little garden..daisy They are such happy flowers aren't they!banana
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