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The Hired Help

I'm supposed to care for you
And come to your beckon call
But when you need me the most
You to turn me away, make me feel small

Maybe I came on too strong, it scared you so
I see the important things need correcting
but you don't want me and are not accepting

Things are gonna change,
I won't be there anymore to make sure
you don't wind up on the floor
Or in a nursing home's ward

I put your diapers on
And get you dressed in you chair
I put your blue hair in rollers
And picked out what to wear

I made your meals with care
And washed you dirty undies
I even hung your pictures
just high enough for you to see

You say I'm just like family
Now I see what that means
I never trusted your family
They tell you say goodbye to her easily

Your family takes advantage of you
They take your money gladly
Yet when it comes to the hired help
You won't spend another dime on me sadly

Your Mother once told you
You're a penny wise, and a pound foolish
Some people never learn
Your decision could be hazardous

Your husband will be gone
Alone in a nursing home
You'll be at home
All alone your money

I'm just the hired help
Who re-arranged her life
Just to help you live out
Your days in peace and quiet

Love the Caregiver - The Hired Help
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
I Am A Caregiver, this was about a client that I had

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