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Attack on 9/11

Freedom's Call

We stand in the cold rain
Feeling the intense pain
Watching as our brethern die
Hearing their final cry

Ashes fall all around
Drifting slowly to the ground
Each cinder a rising soul
From an attack so foul

Staring into the sky
The wind blows with a final sigh
Clearing the black smoke
Another tear I choke

Rising from the ashes
Putting on our memorial sashes
Standing proud, standing tall
We hear freedom's call

The world stands as one
We sing our mourning song
Together we are strong
We sing our battle song

Now begins the war on terror
To stamp out the horror
A long road lies ahead
To honor our dead.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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Sammy ... very poynient (ok I cant spell)
You should start a writing club :)
There is a lot of controversy around that incident. Why didn't the door to the cockpit have locks on them? Why did Bush steal the election and then less than eight months later have this happen? Why did he then use it to take over Iraq and send their average earnings per citizen from 7,000 dollars down to 700 dollars? How could the building have collapsed if engine fuel doesn't burn hot enough to melt the steel used to make the towers? If Bin Laden was killed, why no photos of the body?doh super
True, there are a lot of questions that do not have answers. The only thing that is positively known is that many people died. The purpose of this is not to answer questions, but rather to honor the people that fell in the attack, to honor the ones that then put their lives at risk to save the ones they could, and to honor those that then volunteered to give the fallen ones honor and respect by heeding the call of the nation to stand together in the bitter time afterward. That is what this is for.
Awesome write, and we must honor our dead.
911 was an inside job the world is finding out,, tv and radio deadly silent and get angry if such a suggestion is ever raised
I'm sure that over time the real truth shall be known, whenever that may be.
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