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She laid awaiting anticipating
Lashes touching cheek bone,chest laying still
Time was near judge, jury, executioner
Humanity calling with their free will

The lust for money greed that drove mans needs
No longer one for all now all for one
Bloodshed hatred they knew not what they freed
Lines now drawn and their God was soon removed

Ma'at rose and turned to face her father
Tears streaming down cheeks once where lashes touched
Taken was all they had put before right
Gone were worldly possessions and such

No one questioned the fire that spread through out
Balance restored Ma'at reigned no doubt

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Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
Have you ever thought about what it would take to restore life's balance? To fix it where humanity was one with life? Instead of people out there hustling around trying to event this and that to make things better as they see it they would be just enjoying the world as one of natures miracles? To not have anyone better than the other? Richer than the other? The right color? The right size? Just simply allowed to be? To roam the earth to eat the fruits off the trees? Without getting a shot gun shoved in your face and told to get off my property. Because there would no longer be your property or mine. I cannot help but wonder when did we decide we could take property and call it ours? Was this the beginning of the end?

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That was a thought provoking footnote that compliments your poem well enough.Glad that i had the opportunity to read thisyay teddybear
Happygolucky this is a very old system that supposedly ignited the word PROGRESS. Or the legalization of man's ability to foster greed. The measure of which is shown so powerfully in the amass of their wealth at the expense of others. Anyways, thanks for sharing... Yes we should stay like the song of John Lennon's Imagine and then who knows life would still be simple AND UNADORNED WITH SELFISHNESS AND GREED. NO BORDERS, NO PASSPORTS, NO KILLING....JUST A WHOLE UNITED WORLD OF ALL...
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