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Healing of the Heart & Soul

My soul has started healing
When it was in such darkness
My heart felt so unfeeling
What made it so distressed?

I'm overcome with emotion
It sneaks up on me when I'm awake
My tears could fill an ocean
But this time, they are not fake

I know where my heart and soul belongs
On my sleeve for all to see
No more concealing
Of what was right and wrong

Thank you God, you heard my plea
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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Comments (4)

Thanks 4 sharing heart wings
cats meow Thank you... heart wings
yes....although when you wear your heart on your sleeve you may get least you are being a true person....there is nothing worse than a FAKER
Yes... And this last time I was hurt... Grrr but I was not a FAKER as you put it broken heart troll
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