Special poem for ALL poets of Poet's Corner.

Acknowledgement from me to you,
Of all the things you say and do,
With every poem you compose too,
Comments I give heartfelt and true!

Our work is our pride and joy,
Express in happiness or sadness,
From every youthful girl and boy,
Regardless of our creative madness.

Sometimes our poems taken out of context,
It differ from person to person,
This is not a poetry contest,
All in different visions and versions.
Most are from personal experience,
Others are just inspirational influence!
That's what makes each and every poem special,
In our home..Poet's Corner is special !
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
From the past to the present poets ...
I once again post this tribute to All .
And lest not forget our Lost ones too and those missing whom might return like I did .
Thank you all for viewing this humble poem of mine .

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Comments (68)

nice one morgsthumbs up
nice onecheers
I agree, it is an honor to be associated with you guys..
Thank you charlie japati. Same to you for yours too.heart wings
Thank you charlie japati. Same to you for yours too.heart wings
Ss12 thanks for your vote and support ...peace heart wings
Cool morgen...well expressed drinking
dancing Well said!, and thanks!kiss
Madtat thanks for your comments heart wings
KHearts thank you so much.heart wings
Special poem for ALL poets of Poet's Corner
"From a very special poet"
Morgen,this corner without YOU, it would not be the same.

Stelllips hug
Kisses and Blessings!
brilliant poem morgen and very true. you know what your poems mean to you but you dont know how it is considered to other people, or what emotions they bring from it. thats the beauty of a good write.
i think your poetry is strange and unusual. thats why i like to read them. fresh and total original. awesome stuff! david
Poetry,reading and writing just on this little corner,reminds me everybody can relate to so many different emotional experiances,and keeps my faith in folk.
Thanks for the write,another case in pointteddybear
BBmis4me you are a great teacher and a very romantic latino belly dancer who inspire others to be the best they can be ..so i'm honoured by your affection and words..thank you dearly. heart wings
David + Muse as there is no moon without sun and ocean without sky ..you are straight as an arrow and without false charm coz you mean what you say ... Mine is not a talent or skill ..you know by now but it's purely by being inspired wit everflowing emotion...thank you for your honest opinion.heart wings
Tomboygirl2 ,an cyprus mother of 3 beautiful disciplined children who does not reply to anyone outside of Cyprus ...i'm humbly honoured by your acknowledgement of me .thank you so much.heart wings
Thank you Morgan for the inspiration and heartfelt patronization of us writers
Great one morgen. I enjoy coming here to read. If I find two poets that are alike then we can get rid of one. This way everyone will remain unique.
WindyW thank you and i'm doing what I do best ...just being my humble nice self ...and funny too..heart wings
Prenge thanks thou it's rare to find poets similar kind ..well i'm noone's threat :).. heart wings
Poetry is experienced individually and you have managed to express that here. well done morgen! applause
You are a ace guy Morgen thumbs up teddybear purple heart
Odette i'm the Ace of Hearts but you my lady is Queen of Spade !! Thankssad flower heart wings
LvlyWaters you are so kind ...thanks heart wings
Thanks Morgen .........an keep on keeping bro........much regards n61cheers grin cool
Thanks Nuwahri ...i'll keep keeping ...rolling on the floor laughing confused grin heart wings
A very thoughtful write Morgen,you're a winnercheers M.M
M.M . .i'm just a fat high school man trying to be famous or liked by as many friends ..coz i'm honestly lonely most of the time of my life .
So the real winners are those like you commenting on my poem. Thanks teddybear
hey mate .....i meant to say keep on keeping on ..........being your self????????get it got it goood rolling on the floor laughing cheers grin
Nuwahri got it get it my friend.
Thanks again ..grin rolling on the floor laughing peace heart wings
Sir Morgen!~ A fine morning to thee. Thank you for your delightful tribute to the poet's of this corner of the universe. LOL. The last line of the piece says it all and speaks for me as well. Have a wonderful weekend and many blessings!~ Celticwine
CelticPt12 you honour me highly by your presence ..i humbly accept your knighthood as well as the title deed to the estate of Motherwell !!
Lols thank you so much and have a great weekend too! By your leave my lady...sad flower heart wings
HI again Morgen. Love the name and 'tis good folly, thy comments. THANK YOU for giving my day a lift. Blessed be good Knight and I pray thee a day a joy. Celtic!~
You're the glue to this family Danesh! More power to you bro!teddybear
Hi Morgen this is in response to your last comment towards me.Being fat dose'nt make you an unlovable person,you have certainly gained the respect and friendship of many in here.Just continue to be yourself and write with your heart my friendyay cheers
At your service my lady CelticPt ...thanks again Ancient Bullman heart wings
M.M thank you again for speaking your mind and heart out. Have a great weekend .heart wings
My dear kathy :) this shows how much every poet care and show solidarity like a family and more ..thank you for your sweet loving words Koru san ..enjoy your weekend .sad flower heart wings
As a person who loves poetry I thank you for such a wonderful poem. You really inspire me because I know the one poem I'll be posting on here is a little sad.
So very true, the ode you have crafted.
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