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Please nice lady

I am pleased to be writing to find nice lady. To this I am new on site here. I am man who is gentle and charity give. I am now living in America but was born in England. I am professor of English in university and also doctor for hospital. Soon I come your country meeting for. I look for lady who always truth speak and have humour in life. I am man who family love and respect you I will. You have children is no matter I will look after. Is no matter you look skinny or fat is all same to me. You must fear and god love. We walk on beach hands holding. You write quick we get together. Me love you always.
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Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
I could not help myself. After receiving about the tenth email today I had to let my humour run loose. One was from a woman from 'England' claiming to have a Phd, yet her english skills were abysmal.

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Steve.....they must imagine we are all thick as two planks, and they are the clever ones....Kathydancing
Hmmmm i see in less than an hour they claim loveconfused it beats me also,thanks for the thoughts my friendwine
rolling on the floor laughing

Steve, I love your humoristic poems. I've had enough of my own and others' dark moods poetry. Thanks for this refreshment. Please, write more like this, I need someone to inspire me to write the similar type of poetry. Best wishes, friend.

I didn't seee this one put away on file Steve... Thank you for sharing... this is outright scam material mate... some can be very subtle though ... still if one looks at how they use their prepositions and articles and as seen very obvious in your post...sentence easy to read between the lines...

My profile even if it say I'm not looking... I still have to delete local chat requests, scam mails (the odd ones that manages to escape my setting-I only have our region open); locals who obviously did not read my profile.... It can get up to my nose at times... but just like you I've been able to look at the funny side of it... Thanks again... gift bouquet
gets better with the second read....rolling on the floor laughing Kathy
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I love it, it's so funny Steve it reminds me of one guy I was stringing along just to waste his time and he wrote that he was coming over to London from Dubai, as he was claiming to be an engineer I knew a bit about what he should know so when he said he was stopping in Frankfurt to pick up a scale ruler I fell about laughing. A scale ruler is the kind of thing random companies give away for free as they are so cheap and plentiful, worth about 50p
much the same price as your pen-pal's doctorate laugh

purple heart purple heart
Steve..this is absolutely fabulous and sooo funny. Me tell girl to read your poem and she come to America and love you long time. She no care if you murder people for many times. She live in cave with you and be in great union with you two in your God.
Actually...... this is the poem, Cafe was referring to laugh (but still had fun reading the other one, too)

And, Niah, your comment really made me laugh!! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
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