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The Magic of a Lovers Kiss

Eyes closed in anticipation
Moist crimson lips
slightly parted
awaiting anxiously to be caressed
Longing building within
motivating the heart
to increase
it's incessant pounding
A mind engrossed in a floating
as if drifting
on the invisible wind
The body surging forward volunterily
as if by it's own desire
While electrical magical explosions
of tingling
permeate and tantilize
every portion and pore of the body
as lips meet
Tounge tips tenderly touching
bringing forth uncontroled
uncensored soft moaning
from a throat uncontrolable
as the world around melts
into invisability
OH ! What rapturous joy
is in the kiss of two lovers.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
OH ! But to find that special someone
to share them !!!

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