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I'm afraid today

I'm afraid today
I went to a parade
Children were all around
One complained to her teacher
She wanted something to drink too
It isn't fair that guy gets a pop and we don't
I'm afraid I made her jealous
I'm afraid of being alone
Why won't anyone call me
I'm afraid of being in public
I'm afraid they'll see me staring at them
I'm afraid that I don't have enough money
I'm afraid I can't afford to fix my teeth
I'm afraid I can't stop eating crap and drinking pop
I'm afraid to go walking by myself
I'm afraid of my new neighbors
I'm afraid of my family
I'm afraid of big dogs that bark
I'm afraid of my landlord
She is always snooping around
Especially in the parking lot
Slow down, this is not a street!
When I was little I was afraid of ghosts
I was afraid of Bigfoot
I was afraid of the bullies at school
Things were much simpler then
I'd trade those fears back then for the ones I have now
In a New York minute!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
With Halloween approaching, thought I'd share some things that I'm afraid of, there's plenty more, that's for sure!

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I'm afraid of being in public

Great write Mac...So true...I truly am afraid of walking in public.hug purple heart
I'm afraid to admit this is wonderful !
Take care
We all have fears...
but we can rise above them all
Hope when you go out today
you'll be feeling like a giant
and scare Fear away!

Thanks Macradlof, I'm afraid I have to tell you I enjoyed reading it dear! gift cheers bouquet
mc thank you for sharing this inherent nature of man. I remember when I was afraid of the attack of more powerful country and the eruption of third world war. But now, it looks like life itself is born of natural fear but we tend to slide to acceptance and then fear is no more...Thanks..
Odette67, thanks for the comment, now is a good time to go for a walk, the leaves are really colorful right now.dancing teddybear jackolantern
morgen90210, thanks for the comment, you take care as well.cheers jackolantern
orientalkoru, thanks for the comment. I like that you can scare fear away, sounds awesome!applause teddybear jackolantern
windyweatherly, thanks for the comment. I guess for me the whole world war thing for me was back during the Reagan/Bush years, then you focus more on getting a job, and that fades away. The Simpsons did a halloween episode where the mayor Quimby insults France and they nuke us and the only ones who survive are Homer because he was in a bomb shelter and his family because of all the lead paint on their house makes the perfect bomb shelter, then Marge starts blowing away the mutants, it was a take on Charton Heston's Omega Man.teddybear hole jackolantern
I really liked your poem. You're able to admit your fears. I have fears too. Like not growing old with someone. Like not being able to go out on a date once in my life.
Poetlover243, thanks for your comment. I wish you much luck in your search for a woman to date. I have only asked a woman out once, all the rest asked me out or were the result of friends setting me up on dates.cheers jackolantern
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