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one might find such dazy gaze upon thee
oh fateful preamble...eye contact
with head atilt
lips part, a flash of tongue
the marking of time for you is begun
...the latest choice
what's not to like?
sparking magnet of all impulse
drawn in, caught!
today is super okay
tomorrow, huh?
there is a god and he'll alter time for you
but, you can't go back, and you're not going forward
in fact,
you've been frozen
hooked, affixed on a creel line
...on suspension!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
'I am awash with animals humping each other' hilda moaned at passing through the room.

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one might find such eyes upon thee
oh fateful preamble...eye contact

WOW! This is awesome.thumbs up applause
thank you Odette..
Hedistuff....brilliant...this can be read so many different! Love it!!thumbs up thumbs up
Hedistuff, I have done quite a lot of this really and I can relate to it conpletely with passion even. I have been meaning to write it myself, that time when one wants to be suspended forever and keep that act not a memory but a true account of endless oneness.

one might find such dazy gaze upon thee
oh fateful preamble...eye contact
with leaning head atilt
as lips part, tongue appearing
the marking of time has begun for you
...the latest choice
what's not to like?

When there is no me nor you,
there is only love..

So romantic Hedistuff and thank you so much for the message...

yeah, this was really deep, enjoyed it much! wine
thank you windy, jazzy, earl.....windy jazzy earl? put up or shut up? earl put up and.....never shut up. yea, he sure was the jazzy. earl the pearl monroe was an nba(pro basketball) guard (60's,70's) for the baltimore bullets and later the new york knicks that was never shy of expressing himself verbally or physically on the court...
Hedi, sometimes you play the 'I just write my stuff dude' guy and sometimes you remind me of a cartoon strip with your aside notes, but you are a poet, I just love this.
(Hilda huh?)

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
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