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the heat grows stronger everyday
summer's burden early in the fray
evaporation is so intense
suck the life out of commonsense

kill the green on yonder lawn
pump the water for growth reborn
i'll wait for the summer rain
the meter ticks for no gain

humidity so high it weighs you down
crawl out of bed with a frown
another day in this heat
please let me stumble on easy street

air cons on an in top gear
my bills i open with a fear
outside you walk but beware
slammed by a mountain of heat is despair

sap your strength an lower your drive
weaken your will so hard to revive
bask within the liquid delights
enthuse your life into the nights

sand so hot it will blister your feet
thats no way for the beach to greet
never mind for the ocean did change
mi'nute stingers that will kill your pain

there really is only one respite
pools filled with delight
hope the sails are in place
warm water won't ease the face

time i think to hit the fridge
ice cold beer to smooth the ridge
seems to put reality in place
an a smile you can't displace

there's blackness building to the west
gully rakers will do there best
to sweep down an wash the heat
temporary tho is their feat

for on the rise of new morn
new day new way for heat to be born
yesterdays showers did appease
but todays humidity will rise with ease.......
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
summer just around the corner .............shit
gully rakers ......summer storms that build in the west an sweep down the valleys.....can be pretty intense but they bring the rain an for awhile there is some relief

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Comments (7)

Yep, you're right. That pretty much answers ALL my questions. Wow, this makes Arizona look tame by comparison. I was born in Michigan and won't live there because of the humidity and harsh winters. I guess I didn't realize what it was really like where you live. I swear to God, I am having a hot flash as I write this. Whoa. Thanks for the invite to read this very enlightening work. I will read others as I have the time. Thanks again and try to stay cool. Celtic!~cool
Nu, you have beautifully captured Summer and painted a colourful picture of it in a canvass here...took me down memory lane for sure! bouquet wine thumbs up
Hey CP.......glad you could relate to it .........this is only a small part of this great country......up north an on the coast ...inland they have a dry heat it doesnt sap you as much ....thanks regards n61grin cool
Hi OK ...thanks for your lovely comments.....i am glad you enjoyed it........regards n61hug grin cool cheers
As you hit the fridge save a beer for me,shit gully rankerslaugh doh You captured summer well in this poem mate....complimentswine
HI again. The term gully rakers seems to be sticking with me today, then I read Poet's comment. LOL. What a good day I'm having. Blessings to all!~ Celtic
No worries Poet will do ........thanks for the comments ........regards n61cool
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