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The Curve

There is a curve in all our lives that we must go around,
A turn it seems that veers us off and often takes us down.

We cannot see what lies ahead while turning to and fro,
But if we stay upon this curve, it steals our very soul.

The turn is blind, a twist of fate, that leads us off the path
Of the journey we have chosen; we know we must get back.

But we’ve made the turn, we’ve lost control, our hands are off the wheel.
We’re battered up, we’re in a fog, and we no longer feel.

Where the Light that takes us back to where the turn began?
We’d take the route that does not curve, and holds our lives in hand.

I was one who took this curve and blindly never knew
I had a choice, the signs were there; the Light was with me too.

But instead I forged ahead, ignoring all the signs,
Because I had not noticed that my heart had become blind.

But there is a Light within us all that pierces even blindness.
It shines within our Maker’s love, His mercy and His kindness.

I know that I am going back to where the curve began,
Because He holds me in Hs love, and always in His hand.

And maybe on the next path where the road begins to turn,
I won’t have to take the curve, because He helped me learn.

February 1, 2004
©Copyright 2004
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
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This is magnificent !
sad flower heart wings
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