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The weather angel

i drove past as she in another direction...
made a parody of time and future
she looked as young woman, i felt honestly unworthy to admire
the word , the word ...there simply isn't one.
yet , bliss of motion in an instant,may be the phrase.
Why even use the English language and trivial letters
to approach defining SERAPH

the dream of timelessness-influenced by the theory
of repetitive human spirits throughout infinite lifetimes
(a form of past lives and reincarnation)....

"this guy was a hero"
"was just buying a lottery ticket"
the police try their best, the medical attention prolongs the
last words that the young woman doesn't understand..
"I've seen her before"

the perp was in the papers and her life is lengthened, by
a stranger and an instance, and a dream that suddenly comes
to the hero's personal attention .

1856- "Will you be my, wife" "Yes"
forever, i will protect love
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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