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Basis art& timeless Work

i was a preteen
i slept amongst the fading sound of a whipperwill
an energetic bird that seemingly lives upon a metabolism
sleepless and comparitive to the hum of those smaller
and nectarful...

staring at an infinite canvas--
insatiable hunger,
the sense of starvation unknown
to castaways
a feeling i didn't want to dream.
my gut felt as though , to readily
ingest the ability to think itself,
and ravenous on the air that my lung
could only induct,

my only immediate sight in this
whipperwill delusion...

a blank canvas, and the stare..
glazed with dehydrated eyes
eager for expression,
paint me,paint me,paint me
show me

to expell the hunger of creativity

i awoke to recreate impressionism
using only white paint..
to exaggerate brushstroke, and a bead of light
against surface
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
this is a very true instance of impressionism, the importance of light (all that is needed to see)Vincent among others would have loved that rendition, that i destroyed out of misunderstood respect
I've just begun to get back in the groove, and never want to see a penny during my lifetime

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The process is even more important than the product. Although both are often reflected upon the surface. Wonderfully written.peace
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