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911 - The Sound of Chaos

I remember I woke to the sound of chaos
First I thought it was another bombing in Iraq
Turned off the radio and turned on the news flash
I couldn't believe there was an attack

All those people caught in panic and terror
When the first tower fell, I thought it was an error
Then the second deflated like a bag of air
But with the utmost costly despair

All those people running for their lives
I couldn't believe it, to see such demise
Fear and disbelief running rampant
An un-waking hideous nightmare of time

The news cut in, and said the pentagon was hit
Oh my god I thought, could this be it?
I looked up to the skies as I drove to work
I hear there's another plane, but it hit the earth

They said it was headed for the Sears Tower
I tried calling my husband, there weren't available towers
I tried calling on my way to work
My husband worked at the Sears Tower

I arrived at work, I tried calling again
What's happening? Why aren't you answering?
Pacing the floor, tapping the phone
Come on Honey, pick up the phone

I felt guilty as hell because of where I sat
He could have been Bin Laden's target
When I heard they changed their route
I rush came over me, and I let it all out

Those brave souls on that plane made sure
It would not reach the destination of horror
Instead took their own lives
To an certain deadly detour

We finally spoke, I was overjoyed
He was as scared as a little boy
He said panic and hysteria filled the air
He wanted to be home, it was all that mattered
He said the train station was packed and scared
People were jumping the tracks
They were just looking to be safe
The building was evacuated just in case

But once on the train
He said there was an eerie silence
Someone had a radio
That played the news of that day

A sigh of relief as they drove further away
No one on that train will forget that day
They could have been the next to die that day
And instead they go home and feel safe again

I never felt so happy about a plane crashing
But my husband, my life, my everything
Was not going to die, at least not that day
I thank the passengers that gave their lives that day

They knew they would never
See their families again
They knew they were traveling
As a human time bomb that day

The parents, the wives, the sons and daughters
Sisters and brothers, friends and lovers
I pray for the families who lost their loved ones
I cannot even imagine how they felt
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
To the Hero's who gave their lives that day...

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