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Never Alone !

Where is my child ?
I miss her, I miss her smile !
But I can't seem, to find her anywhere.
Is she lost behind, that empty stare ?

I search her beautiful eyes now, so very blue
I search for the soul, that I once knew to be so true
For the one I see, my heart does no longer recognize.
She has hidden herself, beneath a blurry, dark disguise, why ?

Doesn't she remember ? Oh, how can she not know ?
Just how very much, that she is loved and is needed so.
Why does she numb herself, to be as unfeeling as stone ?
How could she have forgotten ?, that she is never alone.

For she is connected, to that greater love so pure, so strong.
A love that would never leave her and has been with her all along.
It shines down upon her, as bright as the shiniest light, that has ever shone.
It surely wants her to know, that she is never alone !

It surrounds and follows her everywhere.
Believing, that the knowing part of her soul, still knows it's there.
So I'll have faith while I wait and I pray a mother's prayer.
Never wanting to ever think, what I know my heart could never bear.

For she has so very much to give, a most precious life to live and so much to share.
So many special gifts, of which she is not yet fully aware.
Until she can see crystal clearly, through unveiled eyes.
Only then can she know, that she already has the most greatest prize.

To again feel what is really real and know it's already her very own
For from the start, she became an integral part and not unfeeling stone.
Eternally connected to that greatest unfailing love and not ever, no never, never alone.
Never alone !
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
I think this poem explains itself ! After seeing a very close relative go through a very difficult patch, I was inspired to write this, as I also love her as dearly as my own.

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Comments (5)

Dear aware3...a very powerful heartfelt emotional poem that ALL mothers around the world feels ..boy or girl
.i've not read yr poems before ...
If this was what transpire before ..hope it's all right now...
Take care ...heart wings
It is self explanatory Aware3,

purple heart purple heart thumbs up
Thanks Morgen ! It was from a time back, but I felt the need to share it with others. Blessings, aware3
Thank you Lady Bee, n what a cute name. I haven't shared anything in a while, but felt I needed to. Blessings, aware3
I can surly see that this beautiful poem was written from your heart, aware3.angel2
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