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God is always watching
he knows your every whim,
The acts you think go unobserved
are done in front of Him

God is always listening,
each thoughtless curse He hears.
Each utterance of blasphemy
resounding in His ears.

God is always waiting
for men to realize,
That every act of cruelty
are done before His eyes.

God is always patient
with hope that men repent.
That men will come to know Him
before their days are spent.

God is all forgiving
He waits for men deranged,
To seek His help and ask Him in,
their hearts of stone are changed.

God is slow to anger,
but fearome in His wrath!
There's no defense for those who scoff
and tred the worldly path.

God is righteous in His ways,
His moral rules prevail.
Unrighteous men who alter them
are surely doomed to fail.

God is waiting in His court
to rule on judgement day.
The blood of Christ the one defense,
the rest He'll cast away.

God is omnipresent
He's never far away.
He doesn't miss a single word
when humble people pray,

God is most gracious
His mercies abound,
To all who recieve it
while it's still to be found.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
If I were to see a man who had fallen over board, I would not hesitate to throw him a life ring.If he were to grab hold, I would haul him back onboard to safety,but if,in his pride he scoffed at my attempt to help him, and refused that help, and decided to swim back to the ship on his own power,I could do nothing more than watch him with a heavy heart, and watch him drown.This the life ring I cast out to all who might grasp on and find safety.

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snowytop God has always been there for me when things where bad for me. He lifted me and even carried me at times that He knew i needed him. May God help those on this sight who need him today just get on your knees and pray AMEN. Very good write you are an encouragement of God's word. Have a blessed day.angel hug bouquet
Blessings to you Adjhe !
It took me 50 years to understand that it wasn't by my power or skill that I was rescued from peril so many times in my life,but once I was touched by Jesus,I became aware of who was responsible. There is no greater love to be found than that which HE shows toward us.
angel heart beating angel
I have no problem with God or Jesus, it is the people who manipulate the bible and try to control people with it that I have a problem with and there are certainly no shortage of them. I went to see Joel Osteen back in 2007. He made two mentions of Jesus in a two and a half hour show. It was the only time I was able to drink mt dew and eat cheesy fries while attending church, that part was pretty cool!rolling on the floor laughing angel jackolantern
Hello mcradloff:
I am in agreement that there are many false teachers ( wolves in lambs clothing ).Joel Osteen is only one of a long list I could mention.We have been forewarned to pay them no heed.
A relationship with Jesus is a one on one relationship.No other teacher is required.The only thing needed to know Him is a hunger to do so.His closest friends, who traveled with Him when He was here the first time,wrote down the teachings He spoke.They should be read slowly and considered.Sooner or later you begin to hear Him speak and begin to digest what He had to say to mankind.To read the Sermon on the Mount from beginning to end and think you have retained the teachings is like listening to a college professor give a lecture on thermal dynamics and think you'll remember all he said on exam day.A tape recorder is often used so that the student can play it back and digest each morsel being taught.So too are the teachings of Jesus of Nazereth.
You can do it in your housecoat sitting in your easy chair and nibble on whatever you like.No other minister is necessary,no church is required.Just a sincere hunger to know Him,and taking the time to listen.
professor ~ May God Bless you Sir ~ professor
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