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To have taken all lifes knocks along the way
Been hurt and alone in times of despair
Darkness surrounds your mind with empty thoughts
The lonliness from inside is eating through your brain
Isolation from the incoming tide leaves you stranded
In a haze of the unknown and what lies ahead
Frightened to close your eyes
Leaves you in a wilderness and unhappy state of mind
You ask yourself is there an easy way out
The answers just keep rebounding from inside your head
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
Going through a dark side of my life afraid of whats ahead

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I have always had a fear of the future. I saw a movie when I was little called Logan's Run. In it, noone was allowed to be older than 30. At the time it made sense, now since I passed that age way back in 1999, I want to live forever. At least long enough to see flying cars or the chimps take over like in Planet of the Apes.rolling on the floor laughing roll eyes cheers
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by Unknown
on Oct 2012
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