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Okay guys it is time for a contest. I thought we should have it start
with IF ONLY. Just think of all the possibilities that could come from this. I will kick off this contest with this poem.

If only there could be a
machine to fix us as if
we were never broken before.
If only the body could repair
itself to the way we once
were when we were young.
If only we could find the
fountain of youth to look
young forever in my life.
If only the weight would
fall off as easy as we
put it on us.
If only seems to be a
definite dream category.
If only seems to be a way
of life for so many people.
If only i could meet a
decent man who is my soul
mate for life.
If only ................
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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Comments (8)

Hi adjhe, don't give up,some day he will come to you and all will feel brand new, and the elation will be overwhelming.studecar
Studecar thank you for the support and comment. Have a blessed day.banana head banger applause cheering
professor I take your challenge Adjhe, There are a lot of 'if onlys', along with the shoulda coulda woulda's laugh

Cool idea hunni, beats the negativity shite any day grin

purple heart purple heart purple heart
Lady you are so right. Let your imagination gooooooooo!!!!!!!
Hi adjhe...thanks for the inspiration! A lovely idea.teddybear
Hi, adjhe,
Ah, to never have been broken! Thank you for your If Only......... inspiration.
Jazzy 75 thank you for the comment. Have a blessed day.
gnj4u definately would be great to be able to fix everything. To go back in time to where my body was better then now.
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