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Shine On Jamaica

Jamaica a country ever so small
Standing gloriously so big and tall
The world you irritate
By your accomplishments and achievements so great
Your sons and daughters set the pace
Which others imitate
What your children originate
Others recreate and fake
Those that brag and boast that they lead
Are dazzled by your speed
Desiring to get for themselves the honor and glory
They suppress and hide your story
Yes some of your children are really bad
That is just the few
So the foreign media go into every nook and cranny to pry
So that about you they may spread lies
Wanting that it never come to light
That in which they take so much delight
Belong to your children by right
With envy they would have you in shame
Spreading bad things about your name
There are those that seek fortune and gain
By Pirating brand Jamaica ‘s fame
Jamaica your children’s achievement is not limited to your land
On the international stage they are grand
In spite of efforts to suppress
The world acknowledge your children’s success
The prowess of one is the prowess of all
Out of many, one people
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
I wrote this to fulfil a promise

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