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If only Contest

If only i could find that
forever to be with me.
If only God would show him
to me so i can be happy.
If only love would be
with me forever.
If only my life could be
perfectly passionately
forever involved in thee.
If only is such a big
statement for all to see.
If only is the words
burned in my memory.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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Comments (8)

There are so many unanswered questions - they are probably infinite in number. I enjoyed your 'If only...' Adjhe

purple heart purple heart
Ladybee thank you for your comment. Yes tooooo many what ifs that could go on for eternity.
"If only my life could be 
perfectly passionately
forever involved in thee."

I like it adjhe
Nice one Adjhe,i would say that you have met your own challenge wellgrin I will definately support your challenge...hugshug
I love this adjhe:

If only is such a big
statement for all to see.
If only is the words
burned in my memory.

and thanks for stirring up the air around us once more...teddybear gift
Ondos i wish that for thee and yours. Thanks for the comment smoochs to both of you. May God watch over your love and show you the way.teddybear bouquet dancing applause
lips hug to you to.
Oriental thank you so much for you lifting me up and greeting me with words of kindness and comfort.teddybear bouquet applause head banger
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