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If only....

If only tears were not stinging my eyes
I might find more than just your lies
If only memories of the past would hold
I might believe the words you’ve recently told
If only the hands of time would turn back
I wouldn’t feel in a mood so black
If only we could start this over once more
Then my if’s could be thrown out the door
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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Comments (10)

Deep , sad and strong Cloudy
thanks for sharing
Hi Cloudy,

Nice much truth and poignancy in this one. bouquet
Nice poem Cloudy i sure can relate to this,hope all is wellteddybear
Cloudysky nice poem thank you for sharing these emotions with us. Have a blessed day.cheers bouquet
Very powerfull write. If the two letter big word blues
Good upon you Cloudysky ...........regards n61cheers grin cool
poignant deep write cloudy hug Thanks for sharing bouquet
CloudySky,I feel for you, it is too bad situations like this have to happen to decent folks. I understand because I have been there. studecar
Feels like you are in a sad place in this poem Cloudysky, nicely written

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
Wonderful would it be
if only you are with me;
if only I could write
a mail to your sprite.
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