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Who Am I

Who am I…
To the rabble and the wise
Am I just a young and shallow face
that the many years erase
Or do they wonder …
If I am more than that?

How can I …
Bring the world beneath this guise
In the silence of my languished soul
therein lies a troth unknown
Do they see an ugly man
… alone?

I work no day with self deception
I am but one common grain of sand
but the sun does not rise … for every man
There is no man …
ever born a starless sky
beneath his naked hide.
And now my heart is clear …
I see where lies the truth
I am from what I do …
and I do just what I am …
Yes I am a lucky man … inside
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
I wrote this during a period of soul searching a number of years ago ... I think we all have to reflect about ourselves, who we are, where we're going ... we need to be thankful for what we are not what we have ... peace to all

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Hi Positive and welcome to our Poets corner handshake
Enjoyed your style, nice write. thumbs up wine
I see where lies the truth
I am from what I do …
and I do just what I am …
Yes I am a lucky man … inside

A deeply soul searching poem. thumbs up purple heart
Welcome PositiveInNature....I enjoyed the bouquet
One thing nice about Canada is the elbow room and the health care. You don't have to suffer from the mess that will be created if health care continues to rise in price the way it has. I think of the starless sky and how that guy jumped from a balloon about 23 miles above the earth, but he wasn't jumping from space, that is 63 miles above the earth.cheers snowglobe jackolantern
Thank you folks ... I'm glad you appreciated my attempt at prose ... I have really enjoyed searching for other "real poets" that are on the site ... there are many incredible bards with unbelievable talent ... keep them coming I'll see if I can learn something and eventually be able to keep up with the rest of you ... peace to you all ... thanks again for the warm welcome ... cheers ... cheers
This is very good writing PositiveInNature, you may not see yourself as a poet but you do have a way with words that keeps the reader interested. Sometimes using 'I' too much causes a poem to be referred to as a 'diary entry', but here your poem is about the question 'who am I'? so the 'I's are necessary. I particularly like the lines 'but the sun does not rise... for every man' and 'There is no man ... ever born a starless sky'. These are strong truths written well and give the piece strength where many poems run out of juice trying to rhyme laugh
Welcome to the poet's corner and nice to meet you here.

thumbs up wave handshake
Great composition...

"there is no man...ever born a starless sky..."
a lot of see fail to appreciate the person that
we really are...

handshake bouquet
PiN ...welcome aboard and please share as many as you can ..this is a good soul searching poem.
Ancient Bullman.heart wings
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