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Know Me

For the man i met today
seems very set in his ways.
He has a mind of his
own with ideas that are told
out loud for all to know.
He is sweet and kind but
has an unfair mind.
He judges people that
he sees even me.
He considers me as fat you
see only with personality.
For he said he would
never see himself with
anyone like me heavy.
Maybe if he could know
the inside first as friends
there there would be a
relationship in the end.
How can that be that he is
a christian, but yet so
judgmental to me.
All i want to say to you
is judging is not for you
, but for the Lord to do.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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Comments (4)

sigh sometimes people use their religion like a badge that confers on them the right to judge what ever they want to about others. Being a christian doesn't give a person the right to be rude and shouldn't it be 'christian' to be nice to people?

There is a good response when someone says a hurtful thing like this to you Adjhe. 'Well, I can always lose weight but you'll always be ugly'. laugh But somehow I'd say you are too nice a person to say this dunno

purple heart purple heart purple heart
Ladybee you are so true i am to nice and some times to a fault. I do stick up for myself but i also turn the other cheek. I am trying hard to learn to get my point across nicely. Thank you for the comment my fellow poet.dancing banana doh
Count on those...who see the real you...and the others will just fall You were given a gift ....nice write.hug
jazzy75 thank you for the comment. I am trying so hard to use my gift to pay tribute to God and nature. Have a blessed day.applause wine
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