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For if we would not of met i
do not think i would of stayed.
I felt CHRIST bring me here
yet not knowing why that was
to be.
Then you taught the lesson and
i knew you were speaking to me.
CHRIST had brought me here to
build me up, set my heart free.
HE wanted me to know HE really
loves me and HE had brought me
HE had made my life shine.
HE had brought me through so
many trying times in my life.
HE had brought me to this
moment in time where i knew
our lives intertwined.
YOU built me up so i could
see how wonderful YOU had
made me.
The church made me see how
wonderful i am and will
always will be for THEE.
They built me up so i could
see all my life and my
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
If GOD has done something for you tell him so.
If GOD makes your life let him know.

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Comments (6)

Encouragement goes a long way,it is a sweet capsule of motivation.Nice to see where your encouragement comes from,Christ and your fellow
Poet thanks for your kind words. You truly are a beacon for God in this moment of darkness. Yes my church is very important to me. They are the only family i know besides my kids.angel teddybear bouquet
I am also praying for you my friend..always...Keep up your high spirit..and I like this picture of you...
My friend..I am sorry about the mix up...this is your friend. windy..
Windy thank you so much my friend.teddybear bouquet angel
Windy i know when it is ondos he says it different then you. Smooches as always may God be with you.
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