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This Halloween things is Gonna be Diff'rent

Not this year Dad!
I've figured you out
I'm going to grannies
house fast!
Too sort out my candy
before I come home
At least that why
some of the good stuff
might last!

For years you've been raidin'
the bag that I tote
and leavin' me nothin' but fruit
So this year I loaded my
bag with big rat traps
I'm ready to laugh
when you pillage my loot!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
Go on! Tell me you never raid Juniors
Goodie bag ! Yeah Right !!
He sees folks droppin' whole candy bars in there.
But come mornin' when you let him check out his treasures

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Comments (5)

You're funnygrin ,cool poemcheers
rolling on the floor laughing Hee Hee !I'm happy if it brought a smile Poetnumber1! rolling on the floor laughing
Jimmy Kimmel has a funny youtube video on parents telling their kids they ate all their candy. I would save the mini lifesaver rolls for last, now I can't find them, so I'm going to give out the individually wrapped ones plus reese's peanut butter cups.cats meow jackolantern
When my son was young enough he used to go around trick or treating with his friends dressed in different versions of death every year, one year of course it involved the Scream mask! Meanwhile back at base his father and I always scared the bejaysus out of any brave kids that called to our door by decorating it all ultra spooky, dressing up in weird costumes (usually of entities that fed on humans) and playing terrifying music that we'd compiled for the occasion. grin I even dangled a skeleton from a rope tied to an arch one year rolling on the floor laughing I miss having a child in the house at Halloween!

Snowytop - we had to raid the bags it was for the kiddles own good don't you know!? laugh
Thanks for the memory and the laugh sir.

thumbs up purple heart
mcradloff, my Dads favourite candy was the lifesavers. They always seemed to end up in his lunch pail for work.He left me the peppermint ones. Hee Hee ! He didn't like them.
Ladybee it sounds like you really got into the spirit.Even though those places scared the dickens out of me,I think I liked going to them most of all.
For the past 15 years I've lived out here on the prairies.Houses are a long ways apart,so the kids head into the nearest town where front doors are closer together.
Before coming out here,I belonged to a CB radio club.We practiced search and rescue using the strength of the signal to zero in on a person who may only be able to key up their radio.On Halloween, many of the members patroled the streets watching for bigger kids preying on little kids and ripping them off.
The most memorable Halloween was when I was a Scout Master.One of the boys Dads let our troop haunt his barn.We used hay bales to make a maze.Throughout the maze were dressed up animals and of course the boys,dressed up as well ,waiting to jump out from various locations to frighten those brave enough to travel through in the dimly lit passageways. rolling on the floor laughing
All the other troops in town, of beavers,cubs and scouts were invited.It was well attended and the barn that night was full of Screams and Moans and Moos and Hee Haws and a lot of laughing.The parents donated enough candy that everyone had enough to keep them busy chewing for a month.rolling on the floor laughing
All the leaders didn't do bad either ! laugh LOL !!!laugh
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