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Following a new direction letting these pages lead the way
From the beginning of my existence to where I find my final resting place
Swallowing a shade of colors to give flavor to a tasteless life
As I open up my insides and reject the poisoned lies
Then I listen to the whispers becoming such a sweet melody
Finding a new understanding of my demons soliloquies
Conquering the reflections of a mask worn in denial
Dividing his deception with a dismal smile
And as a mountain that stands before me its heights I will overcome
Climbing out from the shadows of me standing in my own sun
So I close my eyes and disappear just to see Your perfect face
Me standing against the phantoms in their darkest hiding place
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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Comments (19)

you will overcome .
very deep'
love it.
When I was little I was afraid of ghosts. I would sit by the door in the hallway and watch tv since it was forbidden to eat in the living room. The doorway to my bedroom would have to be shut so I didn't have to keep wondering if a ghost was going to appear.hole crazy jackolantern
Nice write ...........regards n61cheers
Don't know how I missed some of these....very talented...props...drinking
Hey thanks much Madtat. Appreciated your comment
Very deep as always Jesse,one of those melancholy times i presume.
trurorobonline today!
Dark, but very poignant
Hi, fjamesj9701,
Me standing against the phantoms in their darkest hiding place... What a powerful image with which to end a most powerful poem, Following a new direction letting these pages lead the way...
In you I sense a man of great courage Jesse,
you seem to do what you must so you can live as you must..
A stunning write. Ty fpr sharing this with us bouquet
purple heart
Hi fjames

I really like the way you expose a tasteless life and turn into the whispers of a sweet melody...
I like your message here Hope and freedom.. from Darkness.. to the light the shines within our being, without fear...hug
sweet melody is fine...demons and mask of denial.....not as fine, but spend time with me, as you climb out the sunshine....Kathyteddybear
Thank you MMPN1 . It may have been one of those moments and im glad you enjoyed my friend.....jesse
Thank you Rob im glad you read...handshake Jesse
Thank you as well GNJ its always nice to see you...Jesse
Always nice to read one of your comments BeautifulYou.hug ...Jesse
Thank you Rapture , im glad you get get...teddybear Jesse
Kathyteddybear teddybear
the phantom has spoken deep i know were your comming fromwow thumbs up
Thank you much DH for reading, I appreciate your time my friend and outlaw . ...Jessebeer
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