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You come and go like a drifty breeze,
Your words unspoken compel my mind
Explore the depth of your intentions.

Every time you sign your nickname in my heart,
My blood cools flowing by the ocean,
Frosting from distance the Rocky Mountains.
This virtual dating is cracking me.

Far apart we reach for each other online,
Two sandy shores trying to meet in the midway,
How we really feel only God knows,
This virtual dating ruins hope in humanity.

Your blood cools by the ocean,
Calculating from distance the gains and losses
Of an honest discourse we tend to maintain.
This virtual world is cracking us bit by bit.

The two of us are nothing but a pair of cards
Played by the shore that takes our past memories away
And of all past and future notes we exchange,
It memorizes those that have no meaning at all.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
For all who had an unrequited love on CS

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by Najdi (2 Poems)
on Oct 2012
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