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The Son Came Out ( A Poem For Easter )

The son came out that morning
and the tomb was opened wide.
The sun shone down and kissed the dawn
as Mary peered inside.
Perched upon the tombstone
was an angel shining bright,
His countenance like lightning
his raiment snowy white.

"Fear not," he said to Mary
"For I know why you have come.
To seek he who was crucified,
He's raised from death; He's not inside !
The Son came out this morning !!"

The sun came out that morning
and darkness fled away,
A new light dawned and with His blood,
the debt for sin was paid.
If any man,by FAITH,repents
and asks Him to forgive,
He,s built a home in Paradise,
a place for you to live.

The Son will beam that morning.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
I wrote this poem a few years ago.
Just wanted to share it and place it here
so I could find it in the future.

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It's a very nice poem Snowytop, Easter is far away at the moment but it is a time of year many look forward to.

purple heart purple heart
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