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Noah's Lament...part 2


All wickedness on earth was quelled,no longer was there life,
Save Noahs'sons and their three wives and Noah and his wife.
For forty days and forty nights the tempests howling wailed,
But all were safe within the ark as onwardly it sailed.
One hundred and fifty days elapsed upon the boundless main,
Then in the mountains of Ararat they found dry ground again.
Racing rivers scoured the land as waters rushed away.
Grand canyons carved in layers of mud,great folds in fields of clay.
Aussuaging waters fled away as sodden ground was dried,
For five more months they lived onboard before they stepped outside.
Gigantic lizards lay preserved on hilltops where they died,
Encased in silt and fossilized beneath the raging tides.
The morals of men again decline proclaiming evil good.
Lascivious debauchery,not living as they should!
In Paradise where deeds are weighed in scales when life is done;
There's not one man who'll pass the test;none worthy;save but one.
He volunteered to pay the price for debts He did not owe.
The only sinless man who lives,and men refuse to know!
Repent and ask forgiveness, let every arm be raised,
Give Him thanks,invite Him in,Let JESUS name be praised.
The clarion sounds its' warning knell a purging fire draws near,
But as it was in Noahs'day, proud men refuse to hear.
Global fire and fervent heat,destruction drawing near.
Scoffing men in disbelief again will flee in fear!
Don't hesitate until Gods' Wrath sweeps stubborn men away,
The second coming of The Lord could happen any day !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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professor :
This cataclysmic event happened about 4600 years ago.
Darwins THEORY of Evolution is just that...A THEORY
A Religion for those who deny and cannot accept that there is a living GOD, who created everything that there is, in 7 literal days.
A THEORY...never proven.
A THEORY...believed by faith alone.
No missing link has ever been found to substantiate the THEORY.

confused confused confused confused confused confused confused confused confused confused confused
Enjoyed the 1st but this is much better .. Yes Christ is almost here again ..pray and hooray to his name !
Thanks this is wonderful .
heart wings
Thank you Morgen90219 for your kind comment.
" Keep looking up ! "
Soory ! 90210
I like the story of Noah. All those animals walked right on the ship without eating each other or causing any trouble. I'm guessing Noah used some sort of shrink ray to make room for all the animals, especially the insects which have over a million different species. Maybe the dinosaurs weren't written on the list. For many years people thought they were dragon bones.angel jackolantern sheep
Now this is just my opinion,but I think That the animals on the ark were just babies.Therefore they would have slept a lot and it would take much less food to feed them than full grown animals.The dinosaurs were unhatched eggs in nests of straw.The insects were in a state of hibernation like caterpillers in their caccoons.
After 150 days when they left the ark,or at least within a year or two,The babies were ready to breed and regenerate the population of their species.
The Dinosaur eggs hatched and roamed the earth again,but because they didn't live as long as they did prior to the flood they didn't grow as large as they did prior to the flood.Reptiles never stop growing as long as they live.Plus the oxygen level on earth after the flood had been thinned by 60% and could no longer sustain the requirements of their species.There are many reports of Dragons being hunted in Medievil Europe and slain by Knights and giant sea monsters in the oceans.
No one knows how tall a man Noah was.Therefore we don't know just how big his cubit was.The modern cubit is assumed to be 18 inches,but that is assuming Noah was 5'8". Men before and even some after the flood were as tall as 9'-10' tall according to biblical accounts.Making their cubit much longer.Therefore the ark may have been a great deal larger than we think it was.

Points to Ponder !! confused

The only critters I wish had missed the boat are mosquitoes,ticks, blackflies and horseflies. rolling on the floor laughing
I have to say I enjoyed both your Laments very very well writen. Got to admit I myself do not beleive in a god but that did not distract me from reading two good fun poemsteddybear
Thank you Redex for your appreciated comment.I am pleased that you enjoyed my telling of an age old story.
You may not believe in God,but He believes in you. Good life to you. Be safe and well. heart wings
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