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Life Happens

The scream that reverberates in this maze
From a mother in pain, a baby in her womb.
Anxiety painted on the dad’s face
Obvious enough without a need for a zoom

Echoes of joyful glee filled the room
A bouncing baby girl is born
A promise of love to give and return
Selfless love, that’s all they yearn.

But in another room was another cry
From a mother in pain, her empty womb
With her own eyes she saw her baby lie
Cold and motionless, it was doom.

Staring blankly at the tiny unilluminating beacon
Wrapped snuggly in a blue-starred fabric
The melancholic father longing for their son
An unsaid riot in his heart, stark tragic.

Borrowed time is sometimes short and sweet
Other times it causes hurt that overtime deepens
But in every single day and every single beat
We must cherish it ‘coz life just happens.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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A birth poem ! This is so chutespxef ...i mean bittersweet and amazing...
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