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If I Were President

If I were president here's what I would do
Make drugs legal and the drinking age 18 too
I would get out of Afghanistan and Iraq
I would give the Iraqis their oil back
It would be legal to not wear a seatbelt across my pants
I would make it legal to not have car insurance
People could talk on cell phones in their cars without a fine
I would get rid of income tax so I could go out and dine
My stance on abortion would be it's none of the government's business
My stance on guns would be keep them locked up so noone makes a mess
I would pay back the national debt and get rid of the federal reserve
A bright future without their parent's debt is what kids deserve
I would stop bullying at school
I would make it legal again to teach the golden rule
There would be prayer in school
I would make Halloween a legal holiday for kids to rule
Even adults could dress up and look like a fool
So listen clear to what I say
I would do all of that on the first day
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
Just having more fun with the election and what fun it would be to be in charge and actually have some power to do good, or at least do what I feel is good.

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Comments (18)

lol macradloff...enjoyed the read thanks...some very good points but all in all sound's pretty self-indulging too my friend...Thanks for giving us a reason to've managed to do what the weather failed this time on my corner of the our world! applause cheers gift
Hi, mcradloff,
FIrst, let me say, I enjoyed reading your poem. I would do all of that on the first day ...Oh, no, democracy and separation-of-church-and-state get felled in one poem, on one day. Well, I guess, that could happen if you were elected dictator and those troops you brought home were used against US citizens. Private prayer can happen any and everywhere, now - even in schools. To insist on public prayer in schools, however, one must be ready, willing and able to accept the prayer and practice of another's religion when their religion, not yours, is in the majority. Thanks for sharing both profoundness and humor in your poem.
I enjoyed your humouress poem dont know If I would vote for you mindgrin But as a poet yes yesbanana banana
Id vote for
orientalkoru, thanks for the comment, glad it brightened your day.jackolantern
gnj4u, thanks for your comments on prayer, very thoughtful.please jackolantern
Redex, thanks for the comment, glad you liked it.peace jackolantern
madtat29, thanks for the vote and thanks for the comment.cheers peace jackolantern
Mcradloff i needed the laugh today so thank you my dear. Prayer in school YYYYYYYEEEEEEHHHHHH. You are so great thanks for sharing.peace
adjhe, thanks for your comment. Getting positive feedback from someone in the tristate area is a rare treat, glad you enjoyed it.teddybear jackolantern
You would have my vote

what drugs exactly Mr future president ?
I agree with some of your policies
you'd get my vote , but I'm not an American citizen
hey you could change that rule, so I could vote in 4 years timeapplause
laugh Can we have free beer and chips on sunday to watch the game properly - oooh and ALL NFL games for free on TV?
cheering cheering cheering

purple heart purple heart
steve1223, thanks for the comment and thanks for the vote.peace
ganondorf, thanks for the comment. All drugs would be legal, making drugs illegal is just another excuse for the government to steal freedom and money from people. I'm not big on immigration right now, but I'd let a few come over, and you would make the cut.peace cheers smoking jackolantern
Ladybee42, thanks for your comment. Yes, all the free beer and chips you could eat plus we'll make tv free again like it was when I was growing up.peace cheers jackolantern
Mc I just mailed my vote before my trip back to my love's place and sorry I would have vote for you if you were in the line my dear Mc what a great perspectives...
windyweatherly, thanks for your comment. That's pretty neat that you vote over here and live in Australia. I am a traditionalist and will vote on Tuesday, November 6.peace teddybear
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