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My Scent On Your Pillow

One Day you'll wake up
And Realize
You're missing me
You will shade a tear
Remembering the memories
One Day you'll Understand
How hard you made me feel
That Day
I'll be long gone
living my life ,letting go
That Day
You'de just call
To hear me say Hello
One Day you'll wake up
Having nothing ,
But my scent on your pillow
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
Im Back (^_^)

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Comments (8)

I just love your titleheart wings I enjoyed your locve poem...sweet but meloncholy.Welcome backcheers
Typo error ''love'' i meantdoh thumbs up
Thank you so much blushing
Very nice...a sentiment we all can relate to... handshake
Im glad you liked it applause thanks
It is amazing ,I think you have some haunting memories,but the feelings are so deep...................very nice
Thank you so muchhandshake
Swan - what an exquisite thought! I sometimes imagine that my ex will have this happen to him, when I thought of it first some time ago it meant a type of revenge to me. Now, I'm long past the anger and have no desire for revenge so the thought of this happening now is just a little amusing and doesn't mean much to me. A very nice ending though.

Lovely poem Swan
thumbs up purple heart purple heart
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