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I'm in a crowd of hundreds
yet I feel so alone
I watch as others walk hand in hand
Inwardly, I let out a moan

In the quiet and still of the night
as I lie in my big empty bed
thoughts of loneliness
race rampant in my head

Hugging my pillow
tears silently fall
the heartache inside me
makes me feel so small

That in this great big world
there's no one for me
to love and to cherish
to help set me free
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
Sometimes... I just feel alone.. :)

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me too CL,sometimes I just feel alone,nothing seems to fix it....wonderfully write....elo....tongue
Hi countrylady

Isn't it one of life's great ironies that with a world population well in excess of 7 billion people that there are those of us who can and do feel feel so alone? This is a wistful and poignant write.

Best wishes to you

Bill teddybear gift
You have really expressed the loneliness well ... hope that Prince Charming will come knocking on your door (or ring your door bell)

bouquet teddybear bouquet
hug just as it is but reckon everyone feels this in their life
very good poem thanks for the sharehug
Wonderfully written.You've captured the essence of lonliness and described the feelings of so many lonely peole to a "T".
Thank You for sharing.

bouquet teddybear bouquet
Very touching and so true...
Very well expressed CL..Even though we have many friends..we can still feel lonely.hug purple heart
Perhaps in life you are an observer, you will always have the ability to feel alone even when surrounded by friends and family because sometimes you chose to detach and observe what is going on rather than blindly participate in it. It can be a useful tool for a writer or artist to do this, but for many it just carries a sense of loneliness that is pointless. Just a thought CL

purple heart purple heart
I can relate to such feelings,well penned.

It is in human nature to desire interaction and/or companionship with another living, breathing being. Some humans find it in other humans, some find it in animals and/or nature, and others can substitute the living, breathing part with spiritual comfort. But many can’t, as is evident in those who have been isolated from all human contact. This is a common punishment in prison. They call it segregation, “seg,” which is a form of solitary confinement.

Aside from the hole, prison involves other forms of isolation.

Sometimes you can be around others 24/7 and feel more alone than if you were by yourself, the connection with others fading over time (or never being a possibility to begin with). You look around and realize that nobody in your life is anything like you or can possibly relate to you.

The more a person denies his loneliness, the less willing he is to be social or encounter potential friends, and the less likely he is to allow anyone to relieve his loneliness. Add to this the shame factor – or embarrassment – of even acknowledging that he is lonely, since being lonely implies that he is unloved and somehow flawed. Inevitably, he lashes out in what are cries for help to try to lessen the pain of feeling unloved and unwanted.It is hard to have an emotion but no one to feel it for. Eventually you begin feeling it for the wrong people, because the urge to love someone is so intense. And then it fades, only surfacing on occasion when a certain song plays or something reminds you of past loves. The loneliness feels all that much greater when you have the emotion but no one to give it to. Just emptiness.
The latter notes was a compliment to my poem entitled...''loneliness''.The forms of loneliness and its symtoms,we all experience bouts of loneliness at times
Very nice poem to read CL. Thank you
There are times I would rather feel lonliness than the paranoia I feel around people. I prefer just one person to be with, to see a movie, or just play a game, then you feel you have a chance, without some meany screwing it up.daydream dance
Very emotive poem on the subject of loneliness countryladypoet thank you for sharing it here and I wish you and all who seek a companion that soon the desire of your heart will be met and you will feel happy and content teddybear bouquet
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