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Night Hunter

Gliding through the shadowy night
From pool to pool of darkness
I have time, you won’t see me
Til I’m there behind you

From distance I can smell your blood
So hot, and sweet, and tasty
Hunger hits me deep inside
Tonight I must have some

There beneath a lamppost stands
A woman garish painted
Tries to engage me for sex
I smile and nod acceptance

Off we head to where she lives
A room dank and dreary
Money passed, off she strips
To show her naked body

Knife flashes again and again
She is mortally wounded
Drink blood from her wounds
Slake this desperate thirst

Through her eyes I see her soul
As it slowly departs her
Satisfied I can now go home
Til next time I go hunting
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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