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Modern Romance

“Darling Dear,” she said to me with a look so dire and sombre.
“There is something I must confess before another year passes.”
Now I prepared to hear the worst, infidelity and such like.
Never once did I suspect of what was to follow.
“Darling Dear, all these years I told you I was infertile.”
I nodded, wondering what was to come, so I said, “please continue.”
“The truth I stretched a little bit, hell, maybe even broke it.
You see, I already have two daughters and a son, but the thing is,
they call me Dad, not Mum.”
Now that rocked me back and forth and left me somewhat confused.
Does that mean that she was he, back before I met her?
“Please speak to me,” she begged with a tear on her cheek.
But I couldn’t help myself, this was just too funny. Suddenly it
all burst out, I rolled on the floor laughing. Took a while for me to
stop so that I could answer.
“I too have children, two darling sons, and they both call me Mum.
A woman I was a long time ago, but now I am a man.”
That was many years ago and we are still together. You could
call this a modern romance.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
Was just sitting there when my mind started wandering down some strange roads ... one must follow where the mind leads

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Comments (2)

rolling on the floor laughingThank you very much Steve for the laugh Steve laugh applause M.MYour mind sure do wonder in some witty placesgrin yay
Thank you M.M. ... yes it does wander in some strange places

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