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One Word Spoken

One word spoken it invades the mind the body torn apart in a way that is both cruel and kind it cuts through the darkness and sheds light on the eyes of the blind it is carried on the shoulders of the brave and the bold but favors neither the young or the old but it gives life to the hands that have grown cold in a world that is twisted and ready to blow the war rages on but it’s found on both sides of the line it can be yours or it can be mine and if its lost it isn’t hard to find bipolar a silent cry of the mind or is it the cry of a dying heart waiting for the day it gets a jump start or somebody just to get a little smart to the idea that maybe the pictures just a little bigger than what the eyes can see one word spoken love it sets us free whoever thought something so simple could lead to peace.
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Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
I'll leave this one up to interpretation because this poem was a collection of thoughts gained after hearing a number of stories.

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It harkens back to those lonely days of work where I was too shy to reach out, so when someone would tell me a joke or just say a nice word it was very much appreciated.cheers conversing jackolantern
One word spoken...thanks
Another one spoken...nice!
Last word spoken ...bye,...heart wings
Thanks for reading I'm a firm believer that words can change situations so if I can be a spark in the mind that leads to change it's more than worth doing.
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