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Pseudo Everything

It’s a gloomy day
But what can I say
I miss you
But do you miss me too?

You said you’d always care
And forgetting, I shouldn’t dare
But I haven’t heard from you
It’s been two weeks, I think so.

Maybe you forgot what you said
That goodbye wasn’t in your head
But now I’m starting to perceive
That everything was just make believe.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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Comments (1)

His lost not mine,
Of not really missing you,
The time you've spent with him is a waste,
And now to get you to me in all haste,

Oh what a catch!
It's better than a wrestling rematch,
Of hugs and kisses galore,
Take you to my dancefloor,

You are on my fancy list,
A real woman who I can be with,
Not scammers and their dirty tricks,
If only I know just what makes you tick...
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