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So who are you in wanton state, arrived too early?
perhaps too late?, to herd the clowns and lead them
on, into oblivion, till they are gone.

The noise of silence is shrill and loud, it breaks you
up, not make you proud, arise and take all you are
owed, and claim the fruits of what was sowed.

No man, no shrub, no insect, no tree, can ever
deny what they will be, who knows the future
or what it holds, our destinys revealed as it
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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Comments (2)

Hi hi Optimisticme, how's athlone these days? wave There are a few ways to interpret your poem here,
politically or relationship-ly laugh Whichever way you meant it, it's a pretty cool poem.

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gnj4uonline today!
Hi, optimisticme,
I love the mind-sound of The noise of silence is shrill and loud... while holding onto the hope that destiny can be shaped not merely revealed. Thanks for sharing your Mind verse with us.
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