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By Reservation Only

There's only one entrance to heaven.
one doorman to open the gate.
There's no way of storming its bastions,
there's no sneaking in if you wait.

All reservations are taken,
they fill up the maitre ds' book
You can't grease his palm
with a memorized psalm
When the steward peers over the book.

If your names been omitted
you can't get a seat
When the guests are called into the feast.
Cast off into darkness to hunger and thirst
In a pit reserved for the beast.

Rich men can't pay with their ill gotten wealth.
kings and queens can't depend on their laurels.
Good deeds in abundance can't earn you a seat
for men feigning impeccable morals.

There's no second way into heaven
there's no other way up the stairs.
There's no way of gaining admittance!
Lord Jesus reserved all the chairs.

He offers all men free admission
He paid the full price by His Grace
With a penitent heart seek remission of sin
Jesus will greet you and usher you in.

Men filled with pride find it hard to believe
I know I was once one as well
But now that I've seen the sweet mystery of life
My reserved sign's no longer in hell!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
The tickets for admission are free.
You just have to ask for one.

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Comments (3)

the good lord gave himself to set us all free.
My reservation will need to wait for just now, my mother and father will greet opened armed when it's my time to lay down.
I enjoyed this, great stuff!
Bob, this is a declaration that fosters good deeds for man to see and know how and where should tickets be given...I can only hope, yet I believe if man eliminate all greed and pride, perhaps even here within our realms, ticket is already achieved. Then again, maybe I am wrong..
angel I am neither Preacher, Prophet nor Saint,but since turning 50 know the change that came into my life. A peace that is beyond all understanding once I invited Christ into my life and repented for the life I had lived up until then.I find it more difficult to write a limerick than I do a poem about The Lord and heavenly things,because the words of poems ,like the one above, seem to be given to me and all I have to do is listen to a small still voice that dictates them and I just write them down.To some they are foolishness,but to those seeking the purpose of life they are a doorway to a kingdom yet unseen.

teddybear Love and Peace to One and All !
angel MARANATHA angel
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