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a flash before your eyes

maybe we should celebrate
tomorrow is the first day of celebration
how fortunate we are
to have even only that one thing that gives us joy
memories fade, material things lose their lustre
but that instance
the one etched into your mind
shall never pass
it is as much a part of you as hunger or thirst
for you feed on this moment
and there is no swell that you couldn't squelch
so that it might abide
and be with you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
I suppose many of us must buckle down with this most dangerous weather event before us. it will have become devastating and deadly for so many....

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I think you may have been thinking of Sandy when you wrote this Rick, if so I'm glad it left no mark on you or your family or on mine. There is a wind blowing outside my house here in Ireland since yesterday evening with plenty of rain in it and I fancy it may be the dregs of Sandy. If so - it's now a mere whisper of what it once was thank goodness, but I better go and make sure the fire is still burning! laugh wink

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
yes, I wrote it during sandy, but my mind was far, far away.
In a galaxy far far away? transport
[but that instance
the one etched into your mind
shall never pass]

left us hanging for more..., one wonders what you were thinking... wine
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