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RMS Titanic

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RMS Titanic leaving Southampton

Twas in April nineteen twelve
That she set sail for sea
She was the pride of the White Star Line
The RMS Titanic

The firemen below, shovelled coal
So relentlessly for steam
To power her mighty engines
For to propel her across the sea

From Southampton to New York City
Across the North Atlantic Ocean
Two thousand, two hundred and twenty eight
Aboard, passengers and crew

On the Bridge stood Captain Smith
Surrounded by his officers
Orders given, “Full speed ahead
We’ll push to reach destination”

On the A deck the rich sat
In their cabins most luxurious
Next deck down in restaurant grand
Orchestra played to accompany dining

Down below, in the bowels of ship
There they put the immigrants
Hope in heart, New York bound
To seek a life much better

From bow to stern and all below
They all felt safe, secure
This mighty ship, they were told
Even God could not sink it

It was on April fourteenth
Just four days gone
That the lookout yelled
“There’s ice”

Decision was made to carry on
Full steam straight ahead
Nothing is going to slow us down
New York we’ll reach on time

Twas eleven forty in the night
By the clock on the ship
A mighty shudder ran through her length
As an iceberg she hit

Even then no panic ruled
Was more something of interest
But down below the truth was known
As water flooded her innards

The order was given to abandon ship
First women and children
Unfortunately the sad fact was
There was a shortage of lifeboats

As she slipped beneath the waves
To rest on the bottom
More than half she took with her
One thousand, five hundred and twenty three

A disaster too shocking to comprehend
Never should have taken place
Arrogance to play with life
To think nothing will transpire
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
Official statistics
Total on board: 2,228
Total passengers: 1,343
Total crew: 885
Total saved: 705
Total drowned: 1,523
Analysis of those saved from the official
Report on the Loss of the “Titanic” (S.S).
1st Class: 199 (out of 325 - 60%)
2nd Class: 119 (out of 285 - 42%)
3rd Class: 174 (out of 706 - 25%)
Crew: 212 (out of 885 -23.95%)

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Comments (6)

Talk about a lot of neat information in one poem. I have the movie. If I was captain I would make the following annoncement, "Ladies and gentlemen, the Titanic is a lovely ship and I think you should go down with it!"help violin jackolantern
Thanks for all the info Steve, the Titanic's story will go on far in to the future perhaps because of the many untold yet imagined stories. You're a good story teller Steve.

purple heart purple heart
Thank you mcradloff and Ladybee42 ... glad you enjoyed it

bouquet cheers
Very sad loss of life and to think they say there going to build titanic 2 mmm another ghost ship I expect
A disaster too shocking to comprehend
Never should have taken place
Arrogance to play with life
To think nothing will transpire

Yes Steve, it was such a very sad account of man's over estimating their capability against nature. They were so confident that it would never brake and look at that. I heard that it was just an inch of distance and it could have turned that fateful disaster to a safe voyage. Yes, they should have prepared, yet no matter how we look at it right now wouldn't change a thing other than a LESSON LEARNED IN A VERY MASSIVE SCALE.

Thanks for sharing..


This is what I feel is necessary to teach in school, brief captions of history with facts. Great write Steve, and well presented.....
I know my UK and NZ history poems have been accessed from the community trust website in NZ to help pupils here in NZ....and this would be excellent too.....
Kathyprofessor applause
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