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Ma & Pa........episode lll

Paw slept for two days propped up on a stump
those buscuits had messed with his head
He vaguely remembered Maw squeeling with glee
as they bounced through the night on their old iron bed

Paw got to his feet and his knees gave a creak
he knew he'd be hobbling about for a week
Maw sat a grinning when Paw wandered in
he knew she'd be tryin' ta fool him ag'in

Paw'd returned home with a possum he shot
Maw stewed it up in their old iron pot
Possum and greens and grits on the side
Maw laddled it out,her heart filled with pride

Maw knew Paw'd not eat no more buscuits and honey,
just to look at them gave him a fright
Maw smiled as she calmed him and coo'd in his ear
"Here Paw,I made brownies tonight !"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
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conversing rekon he gets his just desertsrolling on the floor laughing
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