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Felix Falls

Fearless Felix faces fall from
24 miles above earth’s crust
stepping out of space capsule door
one step to free-falling, without flinch
in God’s or in science’s trust.

Humbling moment, one with all
that ever was or will ever be
no thought of records or science gains
knowing all that matters is to
touch down running, safe and free.

High to see just how small we are
with vision clear though visor ice
spinning out of control, 20-second count
seven years toward record breaking
hanging in balance, not once but trice.

Fighting forces to resume control
supersonic speed handily attained
a Mach 1.24 conquest strength
highest height, fastest free-fall velocity
two out of three astounding victories.
Kittenger’s 17 seconds left on the brink.

Bravely going where no one’s gone before
leaving space exploration an open door.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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Comments (10)

What a brilliant tribute to someone who dislpayed courage almost beyond description, falling from the edge of space and even managing to land as nimbly as a ballerina after making it safely back down to Earth. A fine write.

Bill gift gift
Got to agree with fellsman on this one, 5 years aranging that is dedication bravery and I wishteddybear
My dear Joy, last August on my birthday, my love took me to the Stratosphere in Las Vegas which is the tallest building in the world to bunjie jump and gave me as a birthday gift. I was so thrilled to death that swe will consider doing this parachuting activity.

Anyways, I was the oldest woman on record to jump but not the oldest person as there was a man a month beofre me who was 90 years old who holds the record.

My point is that, yes, jumping as such a height is beyond ordinary and or normal man's capability. My kudus for him and thanks for sharing..
I can recall being in the gods of theatres in London's westend, and feeling sick and scared to move....I am in awe of anyone who can cope with heights....great write gnj4u......Kathyteddybear
Hi Gnj4u
Bravely going where no one’s gone before
leaving space exploration an open door

I guess not many can do what he did,however this was well penned.Merciwine
gnj4u - your poem is great, it gives a real feel of the frenetic energy that must have been involved in this amazing feat. He was just so brave to take this challenge, he's truly to be admired for it.

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
High to see just how small we are

Those were my thoughts Joy while I watched in awe..I was so tense too...I just can't stand heights...What a man!!!applause purple heart
Hi, Fellsman, Thank you for appreciating my poetic effort as well as Felix' astounding feat and display of courage. Hi, Redex, Thank you, too, for your reflective remarks. Hi, windyweatherly, Yes, certainly, there could not be too many kudos to go to Felix for his majestic endeavor. Hi, niah9, Yes, "awe" is definitely a good word to describe my feelings of Felix' feat. Hi, Poetnumber1, Thank you for your "well-penned" words of encouragement of my verse. Hi, Ladybee42, I am pleased that the feelings I had while watching the event conveyed themselves to you in verse. Hi, Odette67, It is nice to share witness (and thoughts) of such a historic event with others who appreciate it. To all, Thank you for reading my poetry and sharing your thoughts of it and the event with me. Your generous comments are much appreciated.
Yankee4youonline today!
Joy... I couldn't erase the sense of astonishment I felt when reading about 'ol fancy million dollar ticket to ride...just a brave Aussie soul with an adventurous heart..he's my new hero !!! dancing wine wine
Hi, Yankee4you,
Thanks for reading and sharing your comment. I know what you mean about "my new hero". I will try to bring thoughts of " 'ol Felix" to mind whenever I begin to feel overwhelmed at what's in front of me!
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