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From the Prophets of Old..The Future Foretold

Like the birthpangs of a woman,
the end time days shall be.
Raging storms intensify
causing much anxiety.
Earthquakes and volcanoes
increasing in their power
Waters turned polluted
bitter tasting,turning sour.

One man shall rise to take control
all men he leads will die.
The fools will bow before him
and never question why.
They'll take a mark upon their hands
and worship and adore.
He'll lie to men and woo them
as he's always done before.

Starvation and diseases
will cull the human race
Wars and death shall soon erupt
worldwide in every place.
For those aware and vigalant
a Saviour soon returns
To sweep us up and save the wise
the chaff of man will burn.

To those who have ears,let them hear
To those who have eyes,let them see

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
World Headline news 1600 years in advance.

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Comments (2)

Bob this is a warning which is so powerful but I believe mostly taken for granted.

Nice write and thank you for sharing
Hi Windy. Thanks for dropping by.
The prophets of old were no longer considered prophets if even one of their prophecies was not correct or fulfilled fully as they said it would occur.
100's of years before Jesus of Nazereth was born they prophesied his birth,life,and death in detail.There were over 350 signs to be verified.They were all fulfilled 100%.
These same prophets also told of his second coming and the events that would precede his coming.
If a person believes in God,Jesus and the Holy spirit,they do so by faith and need no proof.
If a person does not believe in the trinity there is no proof.
Quite a conundrum.
It seems the events of these present days are producing the fulfillment of the end time events foretold.
If you're watching for the signs and are aware of what to watch for you can see them.
If you're not aware of what to watch for,then other means of explaining them are held to. Global Warming is one example of explaining the intensified weather patterns we are living with.
One view is the natural,which is readily observable.The other is spiritual which is just as real,but not as easily discerned.
The poem written points out those signs prophecied to occur just before Jesus 2nd coming.I wrote it to point them out so those questioning " What's Going On? " can at least be aware of them, that otherwise may not be told.

Peace to you my friend.
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