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For no more than a few short months could you stay,
Now, you're half a world away,
Though, I still see two sets of footprints in the sand,
Just like, when we used to walk hand in hand,
The gentle waves.....
Bring to life the memory of your laughter in my ear,
Telling me that you're still near,
Two years on, we still talk every day,
Never run out of things to say,
You are still my friend most dear,
And, when I think of you, you're nowhere else......
You're here!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
Hope you are all keeping

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Comments (12)

Hi Andrew .......absolutely lovely reflection........thanks mate .....regards n61handshake cheers
Funny how a real friend, can feel so close....always there....nicely written Andrew.....and titled.....from the heart.
thankyou nuwarhi...Just thought I would pop in and see how things were going along for a little
Hi Andrew wow you have not changed, liked your poem as always love Redpeace
Andrew - such a sad poem my friend and I'm feeling for you here so much. Sometimes I just wish there were no borders and we could just live where we want to - but life's just not like that so we have to take things as they are and hope for the best. Sounds like you have found a gentle friend heart1

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
Thankyou Niah, yes I agree, real friends are hard to find and precious, great to hear from you....Hope all is well your end...Andrew...xxxcool
Friends are such a precious commodity but true friends are as precious as refined wine.....''Lovely poem''Thanks for sharing Andrewcool
Andrew such a poignant write. Yes, even time and space can't draw any absence or create any barriers as the spirit thrive in each other's presence. The last words are so powerful. Keep it up Andrew. The mind has a way of making it so real...I wish you luck....

And, when I think of you, you're nowhere else......
You're here!
Hi Andrew,

Good to hear from you again. What a beutifully touching poem. Thanks for sharing. cheers
aaawww, sooo bittersweet, nice write told with class... wine
Thankyou very much Redex, hope you are keeping well....Andrew...xxxcool
what an incredible frienship you two share thumbs up
the kind that even though you may not be together ,you carry them in your heart , and in your thoughts every day grin
what a beautiful tribute to a very special friend grin This is a wonderful poem Andrew ,
Best wishes , Serenity rose
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