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The Wizard...

... cast a mighty spell,
To bring a demon strait from hell,
Arcane symbols on the floor,
Pentagrams on all the doors,
Performing rituals of strangeness,
Chanting in forgotten language,
Hands weaved a cloud of smoke,
From out of it the horror spoke,
Eyes burning in the blackness,
Through teeth corroded, wicked, jagged,
" Who dares to use the highest magic?",
" Your end will be slow, painful ,tragic...",
The magician struggled to control the beast,
Least wanting to be a feast for
something from the depths beneath,
" My body is weak and I grow old",
" I would give my eternal soul"
" for a thousand years or so..."
Signed in blood, a pact was made,
"I grant you your request in vain,
For a millenia love wont find your face",
The man was aghast and asked with a huff,
"What would life be without love?"
The devil slyly grinned and shrugged,
"You should've made a deal with the god above..."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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Comments (13)

laugh Nice twist LOVED itapplause applause
Loved the storyline.....agree with Redex.....applause Kathy
Ty ladies drinking
Mr Bean has a really funny take on going to hell. "No we don't have any toilets. If you read your bible you would know that it said torment without relief. So if you didn't go before you came you're going to be quite uncomfortable, but I think that's part of the idea."devil jackolantern
that's some pretty cool story,
drew me in each line i read,
Kghead banger
Lol Mc Your comments always crack me up...drinking
Thanks Kg..glad you enjoyed it, some crazy stuff going on in my head sometimescheers
Witty and amusing poem ..i enjoyed it
nice Halloween write, thanks for sharing your talent with us... cheers
Thanks Morgen..drinking
You betcha Earl..ty for reading...drinking
You betcha Earl..ty for reading...drinking
Oh man oh man Tony this one i totally love its fantastic keep them coming The devil slyly grinned and shrugged,
"You should've made a deal with the god above..."

says it allbeverage delivery bartender buddies super
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