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I love you.
I’m sorry.
I miss you.

The color of this paper
Will tell you how I’m feeling now;
Not just blue, but deeply blue
Because I’m without you
And I’m miserably lonely.

It has taken what has happened today
To make me realize
How much I do love you,
And miss you,
And how lost I am without you.

I’ve never been afraid of anything
(Except the dark.)
But, now, it’s not even dark, yet,
And I’m unbelievably afraid.

I need you.
I’ve never needed anything so much.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
Love does NOT mean "never having to say you're sorry." When you make a mistake, apologize. You may never get a chance to do that if you isolate yourself in foolish pride. No one is a mind reader. When you love someone, never leave it unsaid, then there will be no regrets.

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To be in love can be a torment especially if the person you love does not return the feelings or ceases to after some time. It's always darkest before the dawn - or so I've heard it said, meaning at the point where you feel such loss is followed by the moment when you begin to realise that what you are left with has great value.

hug bouquet wave
I can relate...been there...learned my lessons ....saying sorry now comes pretty easy...totally different outlook now prevails...thanks for sharing your thoughts! thumbs up wine
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